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ISBN 978 1536 976076

On their way to the Church Youth Club, one Friday evening, June, Helen and Tim see Jesus sitting on a park bench. He speaks to them and asks them to deliver a message to their priest.

The three children tell the priest and their parents. News soon spreads throughout town. There has been an Apparition in the park.

People react to this differently. Some believe. Others mock. Whilst some behave violently.

The Church tries to hush the story down, whilst the priest has a crisis of Faith.

Meanwhile, Jesus appears to the children again and again ...

This is a challenging Christian book you must not miss. A vibrant tale of supernatural events with strong believable characters and a fast-paced exciting storyline.

The author skilfully combines humour with suspense to deliver a Christian message relevant to today's society.

This book will keep you guessing what happens next.

VISIONS is available in paperback as well as AMAZON Kindle version.




ISBN-13 : 979-8566100388

An easy to read no-nonsense book exploring the many questions we may have asked about God and our role as His creations. Questions like: Who is God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit? Does He really care for us and love us? If so, why do we suffer? Why are so many bad things happening in the world? Is God really in control? Does He answer prayers and perform miracles? Who are Angels and devils? What is sin? These and other topics are discussed in a relaxed simple style.

“Man And God” will make you think about life, about yourself, why God has created you, and your role in this life … and the next.


Suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about Christianity, or for those who may have perhaps wandered from the faith and wish to discover more about themselves in relation to God.

Same price as a cup of coffee - This book could change your life.



This book is packed with funny stories, humourous tales, anecdotes, jokes, poems as well as more serious articles about Christianity and God.


Laugh N Pray can be read in chronological order, or you can just open any page at random and savour whatever offerings it contains.


Whilst some page turners will make you smile, others will hopefully make you think about life, about yourself, why you have been created by God and your role here on earth. Here are readings which will help you reflect and meditate when praying or in need of inspiration.

Available in paperback and Kindle version.



ISBN-10: 150106570X

ISBN-13: 978-1501065705

When Father Ignatius is suspected of murder his whole life is turned upside down. His faith takes a real shaking as he tries in vain to plead his innocence. The Church is shaken to its very foundations and his parishioners jump to as many conclusions as they can find and start judging without any facts or evidence.


This is the time for the priest to find out who his real friends are. Or are they keeping close to him for ulterior motives?


THE PRIEST AND PROSTITUTE is a fast-paced story with believable characters and situations. A realistic self-test as to one’s faith and beliefs, as well as the ability to stay focussed on God when it seems He has abandoned you.


Available in paperback as well as AMAZON Kindle version.





ISBN-13: 978 1505 908558


When Father Ignatius’ past catches up with him there is no way to escape the consequences for him and those around him. He must face facts regardless of how seriously they could affect his vocation as a priest.


“TO LOVE A PRIEST” is the most controversial book in the Father Ignatius series and deals with questions on many peoples’ mind as yet unresolved by the Church. A gripping story of conflict between conscience and dogma, treating a delicate subject with compassion and forgiveness.


Available in paperback as well as AMAZON Kindle version.





ISBN-13: 979-8628750476

The closer we come to God and the more we love Him, the more the devil fights to derail us and to tempt us away from our Faith. He tried this with Jesus several times, so we should not be much of a match for him. Prayers are always the answer to such onslaughts.


In this book about Father Ignatius we witness the devil tempting and tormenting him time and again; even resorting to physical and mental pain to the much loved priest. The battle between Father Ignatius and the devil is one we may have experienced in our own lives as we too became prey to his evil wiles.


DON’T LET THE DEVIL WIN takes you through a journey often reaching breaking point, and yet affirming that God is always by our side. Only a prayer away.



ISBN-13: 979-8696 585475

A delightful selection of short stories featuring Father Ignatius; the main character in the books “Visions”, “The Priest and Prostitute”, “To Love a Priest”, “Don’t Let The Devil Win!” and many others by the same author.


You can read the stories in chronological order or just open at any page and enjoy a daily adventure with the kind and caring priest. Each story is a stand-alone vignette. 


In this book we see Father Ignatius dealing with numerous situations in his daily life as a priest with compassion, with love and with understanding.


Always there for his parishioners. Always following in his Master’s footsteps. Always In His Service

BUY IT HERE​​​​​​​​



ISBN 978 1727 675009

A priest’s life is not always mundane and pedestrian doing the same thing day in day out. His main responsibility is to take care of Christ’s sheep; the many people who throughout life are brought into his care as God’s servant and shepherd. There are times when unexpected events turn Father Ignatius’ day upside down and send him to unexpected activities he did not plan; all for the sake of his parishioners and all those he gets to meet in his vocation as a priest. This book is a collection of short stories in the life of a humble man trying his best to follow in his Master’s footsteps.



ISBN-13: 978 1514 851210


ISBN: 978 1540 661630

A selection of readings to help you reflect and meditate when praying or when in need of inspiration. This book asks pertinent questions such as:


Does God exist? Who is Jesus? What is the Holy Spirit? Can we really trust God? What happens when we lose all hope and our Faith falters?


Why do some people pray to Saints and the Virgin Mary? Is it idolatry? How does God view such prayers? Why does God appear to be angry and vengeful in the Old Testament yet we are told He is a loving caring Father in the New Testament? Was it a change of strategy and tactics?


These and many other questions are explored and explained in easy to read short chapters. You can read the reflections in chronological order or just open the book at any page and read what is there. Hopefully, it will help you in your prayers. The author uses humour where appropriate to help deliver a memorable message. You may find a hidden gem in what he writes.


Available in paperback as well as AMAZON Kindle version.





A selection of articles and short stories featuring the amiable Father Ignatius. This book will help you reflect, when meditating or praying, on the various life issues where Christianity meets reality.  How we live our lives is not always at our disposal and under our control. Often other factors affect our lives and our very existence. This book will help you consider how and when does God’s love and Divine power influence your actions.

Also in the series are “Reflections for the soul” and “More Reflections for the soul” by the same author Victor S E Moubarak.

Available in Kindle and paperback format from AMAZON.




ISBN-10: 1500683957

ISBN-13: 978-1500683955

Father Ignatius, the Parish priest at St Vincent Church is an amiable soul whose kind and jovial personality is well loved and appreciated by his parishioners and all those who know him. His is not a nine-to-five job where he can get home on time for his evening meal and a good evening watching TV, or playing golf. He is always “on-call” so to speak having to attend to his flock when in trouble and difficulties, or having to go to hospital at all hours of day and night when someone is gravely ill.

GOD’S SHEPHERD is a collection of short stories specially selected by the author as amongst his favorites. They tell of the day to day adventures of a gentle pious priest with a gift of dispensing good advice and wise lessons to a troubled world.

Paperback version only



A priest’s life is not always mundane and pedestrian doing the same thing day in day out. There are times when unexpected events turn Father Ignatius’ day upside down and send him to unexpected adventures. The Adventures of Father Ignatius is a selection of short stories in the life of our lovable priest dispensing his well-intended wisdom and teaching us to love one another as Our Lord commanded.

Kindle version only



GOD'S HUMBLE SERVANT is a compilation of short fictional stories about Father Ignatius. Each story tells a tale in the life and times of the Catholic priest. These stories are all stand-alone vignettes which we hope you will enjoy reading.

Kindle version only



FATHER IGNATIUS TEACHES is a compilation of short fictional stories where the priest teaches about Faith and trust in God. Each story tells a tale in the life and times of the lovable Catholic priest with a Christian message relevant for today. The stories chosen here in FATHER IGNATIUS TEACHES are stand-alone vignettes. Kindle version only



GOLDEN DROPS is the first in a series of compilation stories about Father Ignatius.

Kindle version only



Second in the series of standalone stories about the life and times of Father Ignatius.

Kindle version only


​TIME FOR REFLECTIONS is a collection of writings aimed to encourage, comfort and help.

We hope you find them so.

Kindle version only




Second in the series of Reflections. MORE TIME FOR REFLECTIONS contains a selection of short readings to help you when meditating or praying. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Kindle version only



THEODORE LUXTON-JOYCE is a lovable English eccentric from Scottish descent who lives in a world of his own. His every thought and action are motivated by genuine kindness and generosity, yet although he gives the impression that he doesn’t think things through properly, the reality is that he thinks them through all right but he does so somewhat late, with humorous consequences for those around him. This book contains a selection of short stories about Theodore Luxton-Joyce, a man born at a time when the world was a different place altogether. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Paperback & Kindle versions


ISBN: 979-8589247084


A selection of parables as spoken by Jesus Christ when He walked this earth; up-dated into a modern context and setting.


Have we changed at all since those early days, or are we the same people Jesus taught all those years ago?


This book will help you examine your conscience and hopefully bring you closer to God’s love and caring.

Available from AMAZON in Paperback and Kindle version.



A priest is found dead in a secluded monastery in suspicious circumstances. Anyone of the monks there could have been the killer since few of them have a good alibi and some may have a good motive to wish the elderly priest dead. What is the secret which caused the death of an old priest in his eighties? What was he hiding from his past? Who is the mystery man seen lurking in the priory gardens? Why did Father Stefan act suspiciously? Is this death a solitary act or is someone else also in danger?


A story of suspense and intrigue which will keep you guessing till the end.

This is the fifth book in the series featuring Father Ignatius. Other books by the same author in order of publication are: VISIONS, THE PRIEST AND PROSTITUTE, TO LOVE A PRIEST, DON’T LET THE DEVIL WIN.


Available in Paperback and KINDLE version from AMAZON




This book may not change your life but it will certainly make you think about yourself, who you are, and why you have been put on this earth. It will make you analyse your Christian beliefs, whatever they are, and it will make you consider on what you base your views and opinions.


What does God really expect from you in this life in preparation for the next one?


Now is the Time For Reflections. Perhaps an opportunity to change your ways before it is too late.

Available in Paperback and Kindle version from AMAZON


A SHOT IN THE PARK - ISBN 979 8402 9636 10

A gunshot is heard in the park opposite Saint Vincent Church. Is Father Ignatius the victim of this attack or the perpetrator of this heinous crime?


What was he doing in the park at a time he was due to hear Confessions in church? Was he meeting someone? Is he involved, once again, with the criminal fraternity? Is this the end for our much loved and respected priest?


The latest novel in the series about Father Ignatius is a fast-paced and intriguing story with a credible plot line and characters which will keep you guessing at every turn.

Paperback and KINDLE versions from AMAZON


SEARCHING FOR GOD - ISBN 979 8804 555222

An easy to read, step-by-step journey in search for the living Creator God.


Whether you are already a believer or not, this book will help you meditate and reflect on what you truly believe, and on what you base those beliefs, and why.


The book will be of particular interest to those enquiring about their role and mission in life and how it fits in with the will of God.


Why did God create us and create the Universe? What is the purpose of life here on earth? Is there really another life after death? Why and where is it and who is destined to go there for eternity?



A series of short stories featuring the amiable Father Ignatius tending to his flock as he walks daily in Christ's footsteps. Faced with the many problems and difficulties of his congregation, the kind priest carefully dispenses practical advice with humility, compassion and love for his people. Imitating the Lord Jesus as best he can.

You can read the stories in chronological order or open the book at any page and read the tale that presents itself there.


SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8859440399

Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles strive after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:31-33)

It is understandable that in a busy and ever-changing world demanding so much of our time, our attention and our resources, that we tend to lose focus and concentrate so much on life in the here-and-now rather than reflect on our spiritual life and its future into eternity. With the waning of spirituality people turn their attention to materialistic things, possessions, instant gratification and pleasure; because their concentration and focus is on the present rather than a spiritual future which they might not believe in.


This book may not change your life. It is not meant to. Not by itself. But hopefully it will make you stop and think where your life is going. Where is it heading. What is your focus in life? It is right and prudent to be responsible and to use one’s talents to improve our lot and that of our loved ones. We all have personal responsibilities towards ourselves and others. But that should not be our only focus in life.


“Keep your mind set on the things that are in Heaven, not on things here on earth.” (Colossians 3).


TOPICS DISCUSSED: Peace. Forgiveness. Fear of God. Need for Prayer. Who will be saved. A selfish God. Does your faith measure up. These and many more are discussed in a clear and easy to read style to make you think and ... make your own mind up.


HERE I AM LORD - ISBN: 9798868253072


A delightful selection of short stories featuring the amiable Father Ignatius in his daily tasks serving his congregation and following in Christ’s footsteps.


Each story contains a message to help you reflect on your Christian journey and your daily prayers. You can read the stories in chronological order or at random, each being a stand-alone vignette to treasure time and again.

Written in the author’s inimitable style the characters come alive as real people you would like to meet and get to know in your life.


This book is an ideal gift to yourself or to a loved one. The stories and the characters remain fresh to be enjoyed many times over. Add it to your collection of other Father Ignatius books by the same author.

Paperback and KINDLE from AMAZON


LIVING THE WORD - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8324642266


“Living the Word” means being Jesus Christ to someone every day. To pray that God may send us someone who needs our help. Whether it is someone in great hardship, illness or difficulties, someone in despair and hopelessness, someone grieving or all alone; our responsibility in Christ is to be there for them. To help, to advise, or just to be a shoulder to cry on and a listening heart sharing in their hour of need.


This book follows in the footsteps of Father Ignatius and is the seventh stand-alone novel in the series, as well as an addition to the other Father Ignatius short stories selections.


“Living the Word” sees Father Ignatius as teacher, advisor, counsellor, as well as victim of circumstances and the subject of gossip from the public and within his own congregation. Yet despite all his trials and suffering he continues to trust in God and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


This novel combines a thought-provoking story line with your favourite life-like characters, and also tries to answer serious theological questions which must have crossed your mind at some time or other.


When you read "Living the Word" you will find you'll put yourself in Father Ignatius' place and wonder how you would have behaved in those circumstances. You will consider whether he did the right thing or not; and would you have acted any differently.


Often the Lord allows us to be in certain situations, perhaps so that we might learn from them, or to test our reactions and behaviour. Whatever His reasons, we should be assured of His continuous love and protection. 


Paperback and KINDLE Versions from HERE

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