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"AS I QUOTE MYSELF" ISBN: 978 151 697 8250


AS I QUOTE MYSELF is not a biography of a famous celebrity, or other well known personality telling you how they made it good from extreme poverty to being as successful as they are today. Instead, these are the memoirs of someone you’ve probably never heard of, (unless you’re related to him), but yet with a story to tell. Follow his misadventures and mishaps as he stumbles through life from one crazy story to another.


Imagine him sitting on a rocking chair, a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a biscuit in the other, relating what he can still remember in a haphazard and non-chronological order. Just like any other conversation really. One thought triggers another and each competing for a modicum of veracity and a pinch of authenticity. A series of calamities and misfortunes with humourous outcomes which are sure to make you smile, if not laugh out loud. At least that’s what he hopes!


AS I QUOTE MYSELF are the memoirs of no one in particular except the one from whose memories they originate.


This book is for people with a sense of humour who love to laugh!

Modestly priced to spread the smiles further and encourage you to buy.

Paperback & Kindle versions available HERE



A COLLECTION OF SILLY is just that. An assortment of anecdotes and short stories gathered from here and there in my memory with a view to entertaining, informing and bringing a smile to one’s face. A bit like a box of chocolates with different flavours and shapes but each one as tempting as the other. The world needs cheering up right now and we hope that this variety of silly will go some way to making you feel a little better. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Available from AMAZON

"Paperback and Kindle versions - click HERE



Read all about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and the wizard Merlin as they share their adventures of times gone by so long ago. Marvel at events that happened then and re-live those magical times in Camelot when chivalry and courtesy reigned supreme and Knights helped old ladies across the road whether they wanted to cross or not. Bravery, honour, loyalty and valour were words that would have been in their every day dictionary had dictionaries been invented back then.


Was King Arthur as wise as he is portrayed? Did he gain his wisdom by fair means or by magic and sorcery? Did the people of Camelot care one jot? Did Camelot have any camels or not? Was Merlin a wise wizard or not? These and other questions will be asked but not answered in this entertaining and humourous book which leaves you enchanted, enthralled and whatever else you wish to feel. Available from AMAZON - CLICK HERE

A CUP OF HUMOUR  ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8603365022

Sit back and relax with A CUP OF HUMOUR in hand. Life is too serious to be taken seriously. And seriousness makes you frown and have lines all over your face. Wrinkles that make you look older than you really are. But with humour you smile more often or giggle, or even laugh out loud. Such joviality makes you look happy and fights the signs of aging and wrinkles. I knew an old lady once who always laughed at anything. Despite her age, the only wrinkle she had was the one she was sitting on.




A delightful whodunit mystery adventure story dotted with humour and seriousness as one clue leads to another in search for even more clues and cliff-hangers. The reader is kept guessing as to what is happening and who made it happen and why. It is a race between you, the reader, and the author as to who will reach the end of the book first and solve this series of mysteries amounting to a collection of crimes. Will you solve The Case Of The Mystery Crime before the author does? Give it a try … and enjoy!

AMAZON Link - Just click HERE please.


When a heavy storm and subsequent flooding cut off Status Manor from the rest of the world the hosts of a weekend gathering and their guests are trapped in what turns out to be a murder mystery situation like they’ve never experienced before.


This tale has all the ingredients you’d expect – believable characters including a beautiful vulnerable young woman, a hapless hero, danger at every corner, a missing backgammon disc, an unexpected attack, visit to the dead, a shower scene, a bloody knife, a body, a threatening note and nocturnal goings-on. Oh … and a good serving of humour too. What else do you want from a good read?


This book is worth a buy. I did not write it for nothing, you know! Please ... Please ... CLICK HERE



So … why call this book “Speaking from my sock”?


It’s simple really. You see, I am a very shy kind of person and find it difficult starting conversations, or keeping up with conversations, for that matter. It’s not just the starting bit, but the continuation too which is a problem with me. Ending a conversation is much easier though. I just stop talking. Years ago, when I was a child, my parents made me a sock puppet from an old sock. And the rest is history. I have not stopped talking since. At least the sock puppet hasn’t.


The other day I had reason to phone for a plumber. But when he turned up I became very shy again. So I put on the sock puppet and all went well … “Hello Mr Plumber,” said the sock, “how good of you to come over so quickly within a fortnight. Please excuse my silent friend with his hand up my rear. He doesn’t speak much. But he told me to tell you that our sink is blocked. We think another sock somehow got down the plug hole!”


And there you have it. A new book written by me with the help of my sock puppet. Thank you for buying it and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as the sock enjoyed writing it.

This book is a collection of short humourous stories and anecdotes, some heard here and there over the years, others originating from the deep recesses of my mind. CLICK HERE



They say when life serves you lemons, make lemonade. And when it serves you melons don’t be melancholy. Which is a completely different kettle of fish.


This is a book of short humourous stories and anecdotes already published on my Blog and selected by me and my loyal readers as amongst our favourites to hopefully make you smile when life is dark and miserable, or even when a bright light shines inside your dog.


Sit down, relax and get ready to smile. Just click HERE please.

THE SOUP WAVED AT ME! is a unique book in many respects. It is a collection of amusing short stories aimed at making you smile, laugh, or knock your socks off – the choice is yours.


The book is unique in that it has been written slowly to help readers who cannot read fast. It also contains a generous portion of punctuations to enable readers to stop and take a rest in long sentences. I have also introduced the never used before double comma which looks like this ,, and allows you to stop reading a little longer and take a rest.


The soup waved at me! can be equally enjoyed whilst lying comfortably in a hot bubble bath listening to your favourite music, or standing in a warm shower holding your electronic tablet in your hand. Assuming of course that it is waterproof – the tablet, not your hand. So sit back, or stand up, relax, and be prepared for an experience you’ve never imagined possible.

Have a soup er time !!! KINDLE Version only - Just click HERE please.

NO WORRIES MATE !!! ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1542688493


Read about good old Aunt Gertrude from Australia who came to stay with us for a (long) time. Her eccentric antics, grating loud Australian accent, and various peculiarities, hide a heart of gold with a personality to match. This book is a collection of humourous stories about Auntie Gertrude which will hopefully make you smile.

"Paperback & Kindle versions of "NO WORRIES MATE!!!"" available now . Just click HERE please.

LIFE - IT MAKES ME LAUGH! is a collection of short humourous stories to bring a smile to your face. We hope you enjoy reading them.

KINDLE VERSION is available . Just click HERE please.

A CHUCKLE A DAY is another collection of short humourous stories to make you smile. Enjoy.

KINDLE VERSION - Just click HERE please.

FELINE CATASTROPHES is a compilation of short light-hearted stories about a cat whose sole mission in life is to make his owner's life miserable. This cat is Master and King of his domain and is determined to remain always so.

Sit back, relax and follow this cat's adventures!

Paperback and Kindle versions of FELINE CATASTROPHES available now . Just click HERE please.

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